Let Us Help You Find The Best Crew For Your Swan

At the core of the Swan approach is the belief that effective communication and collaboration yield the best results. We value your input throughout the entire crew recruitment and placement process. The Crew Support Team will actively seek your feedback before and after crew placements are made to ensure that we continuously meet your expectations.

The key to successful yachting experiences lies in finding excellent crew and matching personalities to build positive relationships. This can be a time-consuming challenge. The Crew Support Team is committed to doing the hard work for you. We will capitalise on our decades of experience in the yachting industry to efficiently and thoroughly screen and interview candidates that match your criteria before they are introduced to you. Our goal is to streamline the search for crew, so you can focus more on how and where you will enjoy your time on board.

Our process will begin with a personal conversation to gain a detailed understanding of your boat program and your ideal crew. We are here to listen, and we believe that this is one of the most important steps for successful placements.
Following our conversation, the Crew Support Team will search our global database of pre-screened crew to match suitable candidates and present them for review.

Once you have successfully found your crew, the Crew Support Team will continue to be available to offer ongoing assistance to you and your crew to ensure a successful time on board for all.

Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to working with you!